Mezher Steel


For ever 30 years Mezher Steel Structure SARL has been the leader in providing strong and durable insulated houses, mobile equipment shelters and camps to the Middle East and the African Region. Throughout these years we have improved and perfected this product to become more durable, water and fire resistant. We offer a wide range of standard houses and offices, in addition to custom cold storages, military camps, guard towers, equipment shelters and humanitarian insulated camps (sleeping quarters, canteen, kitchen, laundry, recreation, clinique, security house, offices, etc...).

Live Load ( floor load): 250 kg/m2
The base frame is made of galvanized (Galv 275g/m2)
C-Channels (20cm width X 2mm thick). A layer of marine plywood (18mm thick) and vinyl Finish flooring of 3mm thickness is then installed forming beautiful and durable flooring.

Rest Room Flooring

Hi- Bond Corrugated Metal sheets of 0.7mm thickness
(Galv 275g/m2) are then firmly mounted on the base frame
(C-Channels). Concrete is then applied forming a flat surface.

After Drying, a nice ceramic tile is then installed for a beautiful ceramic flooring finish. Water drainage will be installed in each restroom.

Exterior Walls and Roof

Mezher's steel pre-painted panels for roof and wall covering are made up of double metal sheets 0.5mm thick and polyurthane density 38-42 kg/m injected in between.
Metal sheets exterior & interior face are galvanized (220g/m) the pre-painted (25u face side).
Solid Polyurethane foams are Fire Retardant and self-extinguishing, this is when the supporting flame is withdrawn the foam will stop burning.
Polyurethane foam as a standalone is Class-B (according to the German Standard DIN 4102).


( 80cm x 210cm ) Made up of insulated sandwich panels comprising of double pre-painted metal sheets and fire retardant polyurethane density 38-42kg/m injected in between.


( 95cm x 117cm ) Standard size aluminium windows are of one sliding profile and come with security guard frane and a bug net. Small restroom ventlation windows ( 50cm x 50cm ) are available and recommended for restrooms and kitchens.

Ceramic urinary, hand wash basin (stainless steel sink), shower basin and the water heater are available with associated piping, fitting, and accessories, including chrome water taps.
Standard Kitchenettes are available in two sizes with a stainless steel and a neat cabinet underneath that includes a shelve.
Mezher panel